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Giving You The Full Picture on Basra's Industries' Potential

A Message from The First Deputy Governor of Basra:

“In my name and the name of the local Government of Basra, I would like to thank you for your massive efforts in putting together the Basra Oil, Gas & Infrastructure Conference with such a seniority of delegations attending.”

H.E. Engineer Mohammed Al Tamimi, First Deputy Governor of Basra, Governorate of Basra

Key Topics – Giving you the Complete Picture:

  • Oil and gas opportunities in Basra – Latest updates from the South Oil Company. Creating an attractive and cooperative environment for the sustainable growth of Iraq’s oil and gas industry. Hear how the IOCs are incentivised to make necessary investments
  • Infrastructure strategic projects, tender awards and partnership development
  • Natural gas and future gas utilization in Basra and Iraq
  • Basra’s power sector transformation plans and privatisation strategies
  • Refineries and downstream sector – Hear first-hand advice on investment opportunities in the downstream sector in the south of Iraq
  • Drawing the road map to unleash the potential of transportation sector to connect Basra with the rest of Iraq and the region

2016 Conference Highlights Included:

  • The fantastic support and participation from:

    • HE Arthur Nazarian, Minister of Energy & Water Resources, Lebanese Republic
    • HE Kadhim Mohammed Jawad Al-Hasani, Prime Minister’s Senior Economic Advisor, Federal Government of Iraq
    • HE Sabah Al Bazouni, Head of Basra Council, Basra Council, Federal Government of Iraq
    • Dr Ali Naser Al Khwailidi, Head of the Commissioners, CMC, Federal Government of Iraq
    • HE Engineer Mohammed Al Tamimi, First Deputy Governor of Basra, Governorate of Basra, Federal Government of Iraq
    • Salah Mahdi Abdulah, Director General’s Assistant for Administration, Basra Oil Company, Ministry of Oil, Federal Government of Iraq
    • Hamid Abdulrahman Hussain, Deputy Director General, South Gas Company, Ministry of Oil, Federal Government of Iraq
    • Naser Muhsin Muhan, Head of Licensing & Contracts, South Oil Company, Ministry of Oil, Federal Government of Iraq
    • Adnan Mohsin Badr Al Waheed, Deputy Director General for Iraq Terminals, Ministry of Transportation, Federal Government of Iraq
  • The insightful presentation from ABB, BYBLOS Bank, RSK, Royal Crown in addition to BP & ENI
  • “Basra has.. the most important worldwide oil fields… Rumaila, Zubair, Shua’iba, west Qurna I&II and Majnoon oil fields…” said the Basra first Deputy Governor
  • Infrastructure tenders presentation on housing, petrochemicals, downstream, power, telecommunications and the biggest ports tenders ever
  • The fantastic Telecoms Roundtable Discussions led by the Ministry of Communications’ Senior Advisor and the CMC, highlighted connecting Iraq’s economic capital (( Basra )) with the world and supporting job creation.

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