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Highlights from the 2018 Basra Megaprojects Conference

“We call for the international oil companies and organisations to participate actively in the development of programs to address the environmental pollution of this province, including a plan on how to deal with gas emissions that have resulted from the production of oil and the impact of war in the country in past decades”

H.E. Jabbar Al Luaibi
Former Minister of Oil
Ministry of Oil
Federal Government of Iraq

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The 5th edition of Basra Megaprojects Conference was a huge success with over 40 speakers and a packed agenda including: networking sessions, panels and ministerial keynote addresses.

The event saw the attendance of more than 200 delegates who had an exclusive opportunity to meet and ask questions to the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, the Federal Parliament of Iraq, the Basra Oil Company Directorate, as well as local Government, the Basra Council and the Government of Iraq all of which are dedicated supporters of CWC Basra Megaprojects events. 

We invite you to explore the 2018 report, testimonials and gallery to get a detailed overview of the event and secure your place to participate in this year’s Conference. 


2018 Conference Highlights Included:


  • Ambassador  Ramon Blecua, Ambassador/ Head of Delegation, Delegation of the European Union to Iraq: “It was an honor to participate in the Conference and to chair some of its sessions. There were some really stimulating ideas and useful discussions that offered solutions for Basra, so that it can become the economic locomotive of Iraq”
  • E. Oil Minister Jabbar Al-Luaibi stated that “international investment companies will need to demonstrate how proposed new projects will help upgrade infrastructure and the level of services provided to citizens to improve the standard of living”
  • E. Dara Reshid, Deputy Minister, Deputy Minister of Reconstruction, Ministry of Construction, Housing & General Municipalities, Federal Government of Iraq stated that it was important to “build the financial sector to enhance the role of Basra as Iraq’s economic capital as well as creating opportunities for independent investors. New sources of capital for the market and a long term, transparent and stable regulatory regime will support Iraq’s sustainable development”
  • E. Asaad Abdulamir Abdulghafar Al – Idan, Governor of Basra, Federal Government of Iraqin a letter to the Conference emphasised the new projects and invited all companies to take part in the development of Basra. New jurisdictions had been given to the Basra Governorate & H.E. Engineer Mohammed Al Tamimi, First Deputy Governor of Basra, Governorate of Basra, Federal Government of Iraq reiterated the same message through the tenders announcements
  • E. Kameran Ali Hassan, Deputy Minister of Environment, Ministry of Environment, Federal Government of Iraq: “Iraq must build a legislative framework and new policies to tackle the Iraqi environmental challenges”
  • Ihsan Abduljabbar Ismaael Al – Saade, Director General of the Basra Oil Company, Ministry of Oil, Federal Government of Iraq said he expects “Basra’s production to reach 5mn b/d by 2025 and the Common Seawater Supply Project (CSSP) is key to maintaining production at the country’s other mature fields in the south
  • Ali Shadad Al Fares, Head of the Energy Committee, Basra Council, Federal Government of Iraq reinforced the message that oil and gas companies operating in Basra needed to take an active role in supporting investment projects
  • The spokesman of the Minister of Oil, Assem Jihad,  highlighted that “the Conference is the annual event gathering the Basra Government and investors to discuss the development of oil and gas megaprojects, and to find solutions to the environmental issues; by presenting the latest innovations in technology for oil, gas and water projects as well as exploring electricity and renewable energy projects”
  • BP Iraq Country Director Zaid Elyaseri announced a plateau target of 2.1mn b/d. BP completed a new water pipeline in the first quarter of 2018; the plant requires a new 2mn b/d water pipeline at the Qarmat Ali plant to increase output at Rumaila. Discussions with the ministry and Basrah Oil Company continue
  • Yaroslav Okulov, the Chief Financial Officer of Lukoil Mid East announced that Eridu was a “very promising discovery” and appraisal work is ongoing: “Once we finish the appraisal, reserves will come to life, so it will bring additional capacity for oil production” 
  • Dr Mark Wharton, Development & JV Manager Shell Iraq, Shell EP International Ltdannounced the expansion of UM Qasr and that the company will support the Basra Government in its gas project expansion plans
  • Kevin J. Kveton, Ph.D. Director, Iraq Exploration & Business Development, Chevron Europe, Eurasia & Middle East Exploration & Production gave the latest project updates in Basra and emphasised that the key to success is long-term partnership. He also spoke of the need for knowledge transfer amongst the local communities including providing a focus on the latest technologies
  • Engineer Husam Hussein Weli, Director General, South Refineries, Ministry of Oil, Federal Government of Iraq addressed the role of fuel subsidies in Iraq and the environmental issues
  • Wolfgang Widmann, Managing Director, ILF Consulting Engineers addressed the issue of water supplies for the Southern Provinces and the implementation of sustainable water services based on national water strategy, which has to include new sources as well as a more efficient use of water
  • Abd Malik Jaffar, Iraq Country Chairman, PETRONAS Carigali Iraq Holding B.V. outlined the environmental challenges for the operators in Iraq; Iraq’s upstream contracts and the environmental considerations
  • Dr Azzam Alwash, President, Nature Iraq Foundation highlighted that economic co-dependence would replace tensions and competition in the region in terms of water solutions
  • Dr Jaafar Oklany, Commercial Director, Basrah Gas Company announced that the company is aiming to attract $5 billion investment for gas projects by 2022
  • Dr Ian Goodacre, Director, RSK Environment LLC emphasized the importance of technology and innovation for Basra oil and gas megaprojects


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