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“In line with the vision of the Ministry of Oil, we look forward to discussing the  IOCs’ role in bringing environmental solutions to projects in Iraq”

H.E. Kadhim Mohammed Jawad Hassan
Advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq
Federal Government of Iraq

Explore the Environmental Focus at the Basra Conference

Bringing together leading businesses to share solutions for a sustainable future

Help Shape the Environmental Regulatory Framework for Oil and Gas Megaprojects

This exciting environmental initiative, supported by the Ministry of Oil and the Basra Oil Company, was launched last year as part of the Basra Megaprojects Conference to highlight the importance of the environment for project developments within the oil, gas and power sectors.

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What are the Environmental Issues in Iraq?

The Conference will look at the following environmental issues in Iraq:

  • The marshlands in Iraq
  • Water pollution
  • Soil contamination
  • Air pollution
  • Radiation and chemical pollution
  • Munition clearance and demining solutions


How can these Environmental Issues be Solved?

In partnership with Iraq’s oil and gas industry leaders, the Conference will look at environmental solutions to develop Basra’s economy and the future of its people by:

  • Planting more trees
  • Establishing renewable plants
  • Improving quality of life by actively supporting better health systems
  • Providing education/training for the local population
  • Generating more renewable energy
  • Supporting the protection of land and helping the agriculture industry in Iraq


Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org

What Environmental Megaprojects are taking Place in Iraq?

  • NEW projects on natural gas
  • NEW investment projects on industrial processes and petrochemicals
  • NEW projects for renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind


Image credit: The Oil & Gas Year

How will the Conference Help Drive these Megaprojects, Essential for Iraq's Economic Development?

  • The Conference will bring together professionals from around the world working in relevant industry sectors such as health, safety, and the environment in order to share their knowledge and best working practices when developing mega projects in Iraq.
  • A high‐profile panel of national and local policymakers will explore the changing face of environmental policy, with Basra leading the way for Iraq with its regulatory framework
  • The Conference will also look at the following questions: how can policymakers engage private companies involved in the mega projects to implement these new political initiatives? How can the rest of Iraq’s provinces be encouraged to adopt this regulatory framework within their developing economies, and to create and utilise environmental products that will contribute to a more sustainable future for Iraq.


Image credit: The Oil & Gas Year

Environmental Product & Project Award

Join us in celebrating achievement in environmental technology projects. If you would like to put forward a nomination for this category to be recognised at the conference, then please submit your entry by 9th September. 

For more information on environmental initiatives in Basra, please contact Phillip Clarke on +44 20 7978 0056 or email Basra@thecwcgroup.com.

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