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“We need to build a regulatory framework to encourage environmental innovation in Iraq – we support the development of an event that involves IOCs presenting environmental solutions”

Asim Jihad,
Ministry of Oil Spokesman
Iraq Ministry of Oil
(speaking at Iraq Petroleum 2018, Berlin, Germany)

Key Projects in Basra

Why is Basra so important for the oil and gas industry?


Basra holds huge oil and gas reserves and most of Iraq’s oil and gas development is taking place in Basra:

  • 60% of Iraq’s crude oil reserves are in Basra
  • 70% of Iraq’s natural gas reserves are in Basra
  • Low oil production costs
  • Potential to develop the gas industry and meet needs for gas-fired power
  • Strong export capacity with two of Iraq’s oil terminals located in Basra
  • New pipeline completed will boost crude oil exports from Southern ports
  • Well positioned to export to buyers in neighbouring countries and in Asia

Find  out more about Basra’s oil production and economy by reading Alessandro Bacci’s paper on: Basra Governorate’s Petroleum Cluster


Upstream Projects

There are many blocks for development in Iraq and the majority are found in Basra:

  • Kuder Al Mai
  • Jabel Sanem (Jabel Senam)
  • 3 Al Fuo on the Kuwait borders
  • Sindibad (including the Sinbad oil field co-owned by Iraq and Iran)
  • Arabian Gulf

Mid-Stream Projects

  • Iraq’s Ministry of Oil announced recently that the new Basra- Aqaba oil pipeline will have a capacity of more than one million bpd – transporting crude oil from Kirkuk and Basra to Ceyhan in Turkey via the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The twin pipeline will supply oil and gas and the project will be executed on a Build-Operate-Transfer basis; it will have pumping stations, crude storage facilities and other necessary infrastructure.

Downstream Projects

  • Iraq has started work on expanding its oil refinery near the southern city of Basra by increasing its processing capacity by 70,000 barrels per day (bpd)
  • The Shuaiba Refinery’s capacity should increase to 280,000 bpd by the end of the year, as a result of the expansion

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