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H.E. Nafaa Abdulsada Ali Al-Hmidawi

Deputy Minister of Transmission and Distribution Affairs, Ministry of Electricity (MoE) / Federal Government of Iraq

BSc. In Electrical Engineering from the University of Salah el Din-IRAQ


Employment record:


Started as an Engineer at the State Directorate of Baghdad Electricity Distribution (1986 – 2000) and take several responsibilities during this period.


Assistant of Director General in State Company of Baghdad Electricity Distribution (2000 – 2003).


Director General of State Company of Baghdad Electricity Distribution (2003).


Director General of State Directorate of Rusafa Electricity Distribution (2003-2008).


Director General, Energy Distribution Office-MoE HQ (2008-2016).


Director General, Training and Development Office-MoE (2016-2018).


Director General, State Company of Baghdad Electricity Distribution -MoE (2018).


Deputy Minister of Energy Transmission and Distribution Affairs (2019).


Attended many training courses inside and outside Iraq (Network Planning, Control/Operating Devices for Substations and Control Centers, Leadership Training Program).

Awarded many letters of appreciations from different Ministries, Local and International Agencies and Governmental authorities.

H.E. Engineer Mohammed Al Tamimi

Mohammed Taher al-Tamimi holds a Bachelor of Electricity Engineering from the University of Basra and Master’s in Business Administration Mini Certificate – Turkey – Antalya. He is the First Deputy Governor of Basra since 2013, he held several positions including the Resident Engineer responsible for the implementation of projects, departments at the faculties of the University of Basra- Engineering Section – presidency of the University Al Basra 2003-2005, became responsible for the Division- Basra Electricity Distribution Directorate 2009-2010 as well as for the Electricity Distribution Directorate north of Basra 2012 – 2013. Mohammed attended a number of international Conferences outside Iraq including the representation of the province of Basra in the workshop with the Federal Republic of Germany regarding the benefit from the experience of Germany in the transfer of powers, the workshop for the development of industrial cities by the UNIDO- United Nations in Italy.

He handled several portfolios including; electricity, services portfolio, legal and general administration of municipalities.

Ali Shadad Al Fares

Member of the Basra Council and the head of the Oil & Gas Committee for the elected local council – 2013-2017- Mr Al Fares holds a University degree in law from the University of Basra, and has extensive experience for more than 10 years in strategic planning and projects case studies; with Iraqi international laws; and has extensive experience in dealing with the international companies working in Iraq. He has worked and helped the Basra community with a number of projects, participated in a number of workshops and training programmes both locally and internationally and has participated in a number of local and international conferences.


Zaid Elyaseri

Zaid Elyaseri is responsible for managing BP’s business integration in Iraq and is responsible for working with key energy officials in Iraq. BP is the lead contractor for developing Rumaila oil field, Iraq’s largest field. Zaid has held various central and regional finance/commercial roles and was involved in setting up business processes for Rumaila. Prior to working at BP, Zaid worked for KPMG UK and has headed advisory and risk positions in the Middle East. In 2014, Zaid took up the position of BP Iraq Deputy Country Manager and in 2015 was appointed as BP Iraq Country Manager.


Mohammed Hashim

Mohammed Hashim Jaafar Al-Araji gained a B.Sc of Electrical Engineering in 1977; and in 1979 became Assistant Engineer, Directorate of Electricity Distribution Maysan. Between 1979 and 2003 he held several positions – Engineer, Official Implementation of the Projects; Senior Engineer, Technical Officer; Chief Engineer, Deputy Director; Director; and Expert- Director. In 2006 he became Deputy Director, Electricity Distribution in the South; and in 2009, Export-General Directorate of Training and Development – in 2011 he was promoted to Director of Experts. Some of Mr Al-Araji’s outstanding achievements include the design and implementation of the lines of modern lighting, electrical networks and the implementation of the lighting within the campaigns of modern reconstruction of Basra, FAO, Uzayr and Ali-alsharqi cities.

Aamer Al Mousawi

Federal Government of Iraq, Aamer Al Moswi holds a Master of Law, General Section, and Constitutional Law from the College of Law at Al-Mustansiriyah University. He also holds a Masters of Strategic Planning from the National Defense College in Iraq as well as a Bachelor of law from the College of Law at Al-Turath College in Baghdad, Iraq.

From 2006 to 2009 Mr Al Moswi was the Chief of Staff and National Security Advisory in Iraq as well as a Member of the committee that wrote the Iraqi National Security Strategy from 2007 to 2014.

From 2010 to present he has been the Chief of Experts and National Security Advisory in Iraq. In February 2015 he became a Member of the Scientific Committee at the AL-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies and National Security Advisory in Iraq.

In July this year Mr Al Mousawi became a Member of the security team responsible for the preparation and comprehensive reform of the national strategy of the security sector in Iraq and has conducted extensive research papers covering Iraq’s defense plans.

Salah Mahdi Abdulah

Salah Mahdi holds a BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Basra, a BA in English Literature from the University of Basra and a High Diploma in the Economics of Energy Sciences. He has more than 3O years of experience as a Civil Official in the SOC. He is a member of: the Iraqi Engineers’ Union, the Iraqi Translations Association, and the Iraqi Economists Society. Mr Hasani is a Judical Expert authorized by Federal Basra Court. He is the former Chairman of JMC of Exploratory Block 10, former Chairman of JMC (Alternate) of Western Qurna 1 Oilfield and former Chairman of JMC of Rumaila Oilfield.

Naser Muhsin Muhan

Naser is Mechanic Engineer graduated in 1981 from Basra University.  He has been working on upstream sector since 1985. Most of Naser’s career is in drilling but he also worked in operations. He was a manager of Iraqi Drilling co. South branch from 2003 to 2008. Ha has experience in operating and maintenance of various types of rigs. Currently he holds a position of Head of Licensing Contracts in Basra Oil Company.

Munther Nima Hashem

Munther Nima Hashem, current Governorate of Basra Energy Advisor, holds a BSC in Electrical engineering from the University of Basra, and has held various posts and responsibilities, including responsibility for the execution of a number of construction and infrastructure projects as well as for nearly 300 projects in electricity transmission and distribution.

Ali Khudhier Al-Saady

Ali Khudier Al Saady is Chairman of the Joint management committee meeting, with over 40 years of extensive experience in oil and gas industry, responsible for approving the BGC annual production plans and signing for approval on Tenders/ purchase orders $ 5 m, nominating the BGC Deputy Manager and the O&M Committee Managers from SGC share. As the Director General of the South Gas Company – Ministry of Oil Presenting the Ministry of Oil at international meetings, approving the company annual plan for OLM and directing the SGC production activities. Major achievements included the re starting the KAZ LPG / NGL plant after 5 years shutdown, increase LPG production daily rate from 900 to 2600 ton / day. Refurbishment and starting the dry gas compressor at KAZ after 27 years shutdown, this compressor added 100 ton / day of LPG and 65 MMSCF/D of dry gas to the network, establishing Basra Gas Co. with Shell and Mitsubishi and west Qurna Oil Fields, recruiting more than 2000 Iraqi nationals, put the plans for the gas utilization project and minimizing new NGL plant in N. Rumail Artawi field.


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