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H.E. Asaad Abdulamir Abdulghafar Al-Idan

HE Asaad Abdulameer Abdulghafar Al-Idan, Governor Basra, holds a BSC in Electronic Engineering, he held several positions including; Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Islamic Bank of Al Bilad, he has an extensive experience in investment, banking and trade, he also worked at the Iraqi Trade Bank as a Director from 2006-2011. He participated in the Shaaban Uprising, he fled to Islamic Republic of Iran, he was then arrested and sentenced to death and then his sentence was reduced to life in prison. After the fall of the Baathist regime, he worked within the National De-Baathification Commission.

Dr Dara Reshid

Dr Dara Hassan Reshid is the Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and General Works and Vice President of REFAATO. He was previously Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs from 2010 to 2013 and a Special Adviser to the President of KRG on development, construction and investment from 2005 to 2010. Mr Reshid holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and an M.Sc. in Highway & Traffic Engineering.

H.E. Dr Kameran Ali Hassan

Dr Kameran Ali Hassan holds a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Law, and a Master of Business Administration from Jules Vernier-Picardy University, France. He also holds a PhD in Management of Institutions.

Dr Kameran has experience in the management of government institutions and the development of annual budgets of ministries and how to implement them and the development of public administrative policies and deal with the challenges facing the implementation of these policies. He held the following positions were held; Director General of Planning in the Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Region and Director General of Social Welfare Director of Relief and Reconstruction Organization funded by the United Nations.

H.E. Engineer Mohammed Al Tamimi

Mohammed Taher al-Tamimi holds a Bachelor of Electricity Engineering from the University of Basra and Master’s in Business Administration Mini Certificate – Turkey – Antalya. He is the First Deputy Governor of Basra since 2013, he held several positions including the Resident Engineer responsible for the implementation of projects, departments at the faculties of the University of Basra- Engineering Section – presidency of the University Al Basra 2003-2005, became responsible for the Division- Basra Electricity Distribution Directorate 2009-2010 as well as for the Electricity Distribution Directorate north of Basra 2012 – 2013. Mohammed attended a number of international Conferences outside Iraq including the representation of the province of Basra in the workshop with the Federal Republic of Germany regarding the benefit from the experience of Germany in the transfer of powers, the workshop for the development of industrial cities by the UNIDO- United Nations in Italy.

He handled several portfolios including; electricity, services portfolio, legal and general administration of municipalities.

Ihsan Abduljabbar Ismaael Al-Saade

Mr Ismaael succeeded Mr Ali Khudair AL Saady as the Director General of the South Gas Company and brings more than 17 years of experience into the role.

He joined the SOC as Operation and Shift Engineer – Gas compressor station, then became a Technical Member in Commercial and Technical Committee at the SOC , then he became the Director of Coordination Office – for the Iraqi Ministry of Oil for the South Region,  then he became Manager for Technical and Coordination Department at the SGC, then a manger of Green Fields Project Department  at the BGC , then he became the Deputy Director of Project and Engineering Commission at BGC, then became a Member in JMC for Majnoon Field between (2012-2013) then a member in Gas consultant committee/South Region, then he became Basra Gas power and investment Advisor, then a member and Head in Multi Commercial and Technical Committees for the last 10 years , then he became Basra Gas Company Project Manager between ( 2013-2015 ), then he became South Gas Company Director General Assistant (2015-2016 ) then the South Gas Company Director General  as from 2016.

Ismaael graduated with a Chemical Engineering Degree from Basra University, Iraq and achieved and completed a number of training programmes and researched a number of technical papers at the SGC. He speaks both Arabic and English.


Ali Shadad Al Fares

Member of the Basra Council and the head of the Oil & Gas Committee for the elected local council – 2013-2017- Mr Al Fares holds a University degree in law from the University of Basra, and has extensive experience for more than 10 years in strategic planning and projects case studies; with Iraqi international laws; and has extensive experience in dealing with the international companies working in Iraq. He has worked and helped the Basra community with a number of projects, participated in a number of workshops and training programmes both locally and internationally and has participated in a number of local and international conferences.


Engineer Husam Hussein Weli

Husam H. Weli Mohammed Al Asadi, Director General of the South Refineries, Ministry of Oil, Federal Government of Iraq, holds a BSC in Chemical Engineering from Basra University, Iraq, he worked as an Assistant Engineer at the South Gas Company at the Liquid Separation Plant in North Rumaila, he held several positions including: officer in charge of the Surplus  Gas Section, Manager of the Surplus Gas Department, then the Head of the Committee responsible of the NGL then the Deputy DG of the South Gas Company then the Chairman of the Board of the South Gas Company in April 2016, then in in October 2016 he became the DG of the South Refineries and the Chairman of the Board,   Mr Al Asadi  been awarded with numerous letters of appreciation for his excellent performance.

He attended a number of training industry courses and participated in a number of workshops and Conferences internally and externally.

Dr Kevin Kveton

Kevin Kveton is Director of Iraq Business Development. Based in London, he assumed his current position in July 2017. 

Dr. Kveton joined Chevron in 1989 and has held numerous domestic and international assignments in exploration, business development, and geological research & development.

His overseas resident assignments included Australia, Papua New Guinea, Bahrain, Indonesia, and Thailand with responsibilities also covering Qatar, Myanmar, and China along with new venture work across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Dr. Kveton is a 1989 graduate from the University of Washington in Seattle with a Ph.D. in Geology.

Zaid Elyaseri

Zaid Elyaseri is responsible for managing BP’s business integration in Iraq and is responsible for working with key energy officials in Iraq. BP is the lead contractor for developing Rumaila oil field, Iraq’s largest field. Zaid has held various central and regional finance/commercial roles and was involved in setting up business processes for Rumaila. Prior to working at BP, Zaid worked for KPMG UK and has headed advisory and risk positions in the Middle East. In 2014, Zaid took up the position of BP Iraq Deputy Country Manager and in 2015 was appointed as BP Iraq Country Manager.


Ahmed Hanoon

Mr Ahmed Hanoon Jassim, Director General of the South Environment Directorate, Basra, worked within the environment directorate within the following units:  Radioactive Sources Control Unit, 2004-2005. Water and air quality control unit, 2005-2006. Air Quality Control Unit Officer, 2005-2014. Urban Environment Division, 2010-2014, which includes; (Air quality control unit, water quality control unit, industrial activity control unit, service control unit, noise level control unit, environmental impact assessment unit, site control unit and chemicals management) )he held several posts including; Assistant Director of Basrah Environment Department, 2010-2014. Point of contact in Basra Governorate for the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol for the Conservation of the Ozone Layer. Lecturer of air pollution in the Faculty of Technical Engineering in Basra, 2012-2013.  Director of the Basrah Environment Department since 2014. Decision maker  of the Council for the protection and improvement of the environment in the province of Basra since 2014.  Assistant Director General of the Department of Environmental Protection and Improvement in the southern region since 2015.Director General of the Department of Environmental Protection and Improvement in the southern region since 2016.

Published numerous research papers and articles including; Pollution Resulting from Automobile Exhausts in Basrah City, Air Pollution in Total Suspended Minutes in Basrah City. Cars and pollution, Noise, an article published in Al-Hayat Newspaper . Metal and textile specifications of the falling dust of the province of Basra. The Effects of Industrial Flows on Near-Water Sources in Basrah Governorate. Estimation of some trace elements of dust falling in the province of Basra, research was delivered at the Third Scientific Conference for the rehabilitation of the southern Iraqi Marshlands. 

Honors including; Honored by the President of the Republic Dr. Fuad Masoum, in 2016. Honoring the Innovation and Excellence Award for 2016 by Mr. Sabah Al-Bazzouni, Chairman of the Basra Governorate Council under the book No. 4050 on 20/2/2017.

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