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Diar Mohamad - Senior Petroleum Geologist / Basin Modeler - RNBVK

Diar Mohamad

Senior Petroleum Geologist / Basin Modeler

Diar has been working in the petroleum industry over more than 15 years. Highly experienced in achievement and management of upstream explorations, production and developments of the oilfields, nationally and internationally. He graduated from two prestigious universities, Texas A&M and University of Iowa, USA in 2016; majoring in Total Petroleum Systems-Petroleum Basin Analysis.

For his MSc degree, he emphasized on Reservoir Characterizations of Miocene Carbonate Reservoirs at Tawke Oilfield, Kurdistan Region-Iraq. He then, became a well site geologist at DNO, spent more than a year, focusing on formation evaluations while drilling. Since 2009, Diar has been working for HKN Energy as an Exploration Geologist till 2011. His main interests have been focusing on interpreting seismic sections; structural analysis; stratigraphic analysis, defining new plays and prospects from frontier basin exploration to micro-scale reservoir characterizations. Finally, he was nominated as a first awardee for the prestigious Vincent Nelson Memorial Award- 2015 American Associations of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) in the USA. He has so many valuable contributions in various cutting-edges across the globe.

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