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Dr Salah Al Habib - Independent Oil & Gas Consultant, UK  -

Dr Salah Al Habib

Independent Oil & Gas Consultant, UK

Dr Salah Al Habib received his education in the United Kingdom and has an Honours degree in Physics from UCL , a PhD in Physics from Imperial College and an MBA from Cranfield Business School. He is the President of ATC , a Technology Group of Companies focused on the Energy and Technology Sectors. He is a well known international expert in the field of Electrical Power Generation and Distribution as well as Energy Management and utilization. He has carried a number of Prestigious international Projects in the field of Energy Generation and Management and Fuel Optimization Studies for Governments. His work is primarily focused on the Generation and Distribution of Electrical Energy and the utilization and production of Complimentary Fuel Resources. The Collection of Associated Flared Gas , the Processing and distribution of Flared Gas to Power Stations through a pipeline distribution System, Virtual Pipelines ,CNG and LNG. His other Area of Expertise is in the High Technology Sector including Telecommunications Systems, Information Technology and Security Systems. He has worked as a consultant in this field with the Leading Technology Company Providers Implementing complex Projects in the Information and Technology Sectors.

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