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Mazen Nassar - Managing Director & CEO - Mena Nets FZE, GVF

Mazen Nassar

Managing Director & CEO
Mena Nets FZE, GVF

Mazen Nassar is the Managing Director and CEO of Mena Nets, established in 1955. Since the early 1980’s, Mazen has been actively managing system integration, distribution and training for Mena Nets. Today, he operates its seven products lines out of the Dubai offices and warehouses.  Throughout the past 4 decades, he successfully completed many broadcast, broadband, voice and training projects in the Levant, West Asia, Middle East, Arabian Gulf, North and Central regions.  He is also the CFO for the Sony World and broadcast products and for the repair service center in Lebanon.

Mazen earned a BS from New York and a master degree in 1986 on satellite TV. Later, he worked for Price Waterhouse in Toronto and completed the qualifications for the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.  He also served as a university instructor teaching various courses at AUB, BUC, Becker CPA and others and is currently the GVF master instructor for the Mena region.

Mazen has spoken at various conferences in USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East about a range of satellite industry topics such as GVF, RFI, training, markets, etc.

Mazen conducts the pre-scheduled HOST training sessions following CABSAT and Gitex exhibitions or by appointment all year around at Mena Nets’ offices in Dubai.  He also provides customized training for group trainees in their own country.

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