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MP Dr Khalaf Abdulsamad -  -

MP Dr Khalaf Abdulsamad

MP Dr Khalaf Abdul Samad Khalaf Qatrani, was born in Basra AL Maaqaal. He holds a  BA  from the  University of Basrah – Faculty of Agriculture,  Department of Fish and Marine Resources, a MA from the University of Vakhnenken – Netherlands and  a PhD from the  University of Basrah – Department of Fish.  In 1976  he was the Research assistant in the Department of Fish and Marine Resources, as he was one of the top ten at the Faculty of Agriculture – University of Basra. Mr Qatrani has opposed the Regime in Iraq and been arrested several times and was released in 1991. Dr Khalaf then held several posts outside Iraq, in 1995 became the Head of Cultural Centre in Utrecht, Netherlands as well as the Director of Al Zahra School in Utrecht, Netherlands. In 1996 he became the Secretary General of the Council of Iraqi Associations in the Netherlands and in 2005 the President of Martyr Foundation in Basra – Iraq. He held several posts in Iraq including the President of Martyrs Foundation – Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Iraq. In 2010 he became an MP at the Iraqi parliament winning 35,710 thousand votes and in 2011 he became the Governor of Basra – Iraq. In 2013 he became the Chairman of the Basra Governorate Council – Iraq winning 130,862 thousand votes and in 2014 he became an MP in the Iraqi Council of Representatives after winning 126,762 thousand votes.

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