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Raed Hanna - Managing Director - MFL Finance Limited

Raed Hanna

Managing Director
MFL Finance Limited

  • Speaking at: Session 8: Iraq Energy Projects Tender Announcements

Raed was born to a business family with ancient roots in Basra. The family however left Basra for the UK in the late 1970’s to exploit multinational business and economic opportunities. Under the stewardship of Raed, the family business has expanded and grown significantly. Raed obtained his BSc and MSc degree from City University in London. He expanded the family business activities in Basra during 2003. Raed has established a very successful business portfolio with multinational companies such as RSK, DYNASAFE BACTEC, Lahmeyer, BB Energy, WPE British Water Company  and others. Among services afforded are local support, contacts in all aspects, logistics, representation, procurement, banking expertise including payroll, lending and other related functions. Also 20 years ago, Raed established a finance company in the U.K. called MFL Finance Limited. this is one of the largest finance companies in the U.K. for real estate lending and project finance with over $2 billion  of lending during 2018.

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