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Zahim Jihad Mutar - General Director - IMCO-IRAQ

Zahim Jihad Mutar

General Director

I am the Founder and Director of the Iraqi Mine/ UXO Clearance Organization (IMCO) that was established on 1/9/2003. The organization has made considerable efforts in the field of Mine Action in survey, technical survey, manual and mechanical mine clearance and through the use of Mine Detection Dogs (MDD). It has also established many activities in the fields of Mine Risk Education (MRE), Victim Assistance (VA), training and the provision of assistance to governmental and non-governmental organizations.

I am the first to conduct research in the field of mines and their dangers in Iraq, and I wrote several research papers and articles and wrote the first research on the impact of mines and their methods of removal and destruction on the environment in Iraq.

In addition to my long experience in minefields as a retired colonel whose competence is military engineering, I have passed all mine courses from Level 1 to Level 4.

I was the first to pass the Explosive Remnants of War International Senior Mangers Course that was held in Amman – Jordan followed by Mrs. Heila Adel (IMCO employee) from Iraq.   

I have devised a modern method of surface and sub-surface clearance by using 36 m x 36 m boxes.

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