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“To build a regulatory framework and encourage environmental innovation in Iraq, we must explore developments in environmental policy in a worldwide context”

H.E. Kameran Ali Hassan
Deputy Minister of Environment
Ministry of Environment
Federal Government of Iraq

Why attend the Basra Megaprojects Conference?

  1. Find out  about the new upstream, midstream, downstream megaprojects, as well as about the export facilities in Basra and the South of Iraq, and expand your business 
  2. Suppliers can identify contracts to develop the infrastructure of the oil and gas megaprojects within the power, renewable energy and water sectors 
  3. Private companies can discover new technologies and service providers across the entire value chain to provide solutions for oil and gas projects 
  4. Discover new environmental megaprojects that will deliver huge ROI; Iraq is looking to significantly develop natural gas as an energy source to drive its mega projects
  5. Learn about the procurement procedures, identify private funders and find out about oil and gas insurance policies in Iraq to make your projects cost efficient and deliver greater output

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Secure Investment Opportunities for 2019

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For Sponsorship & Attending enquiries, please contact Phillip Clarke on +44 20 7978 0056

or email Basra@thecwcgroup.com

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